Posted by: womenscyclingmagazine | May 3, 2009

The Department of Transportation, the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act, and You

From Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood’s blog:

Bicycling was one of the earliest beneficiaries of stimulus funding, with portions of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act explicitly devoted to bicycling, and this department has been very active in getting that funding out the door. States must spend 3 percent of their allocation on the Transportation Enhancements program, which is a primary source of bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure funding. The remainder of the “highway” money also creates an opportunity to build complete streets. All of the highway funding is flexible, and bicycle and pedestrian projects are eligible. The 3 percent in Transportation Enhancements is a floor not a ceiling. 30 percent of a state’s allocation is sub-allocated to urbanized areas, where commuting by bicycle is most likely.

So, a number of funding opportunities exist, but cycling advocates must get their cities and states to request funds for these purposes. Many states, counties, and municipalities have already done so. 

Read the complete post here and find your local advocacy group via the League of American Bicyclists handy group finder here.

Talk to, join your local advocacy group and find out what projects they are working on in your area. Find out if they have petitioned your local and state government for funding for local bicycle access and complete street projects. If they haven’t, find out why and get involved. Suggest projects at their next meeting and contact the appropriate local and state government officials about future bicycle transportation projects.


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