Posted by: womenscyclingmagazine | April 29, 2009

Because you don’t need spandex to ride a bike.

Photo by Rubin Starset via

Photo by Rubin Starset via

Or, more accurately, you don’t need Lycra, Coolmax, Delfino, AirDry Elite, MicroSensor, or similar itirations thereof to ride your bike. Sometimes riding around town in civilians is a-ok, even encouraged.

And so it is with the SF Tweed Ride, set to take place tomorrow, April 30th.
More about the ride from the SF Tweed website:

6:30- Gather at Union Square
7:00- Join with East Bay Tweed at Powell St. Station

Once again, we fine bastions of tweed bicivility will gather to show the city how to really ride in style! Fortunately, Spring is upon us, and the night has begun to be pushed back by the day. As such, the sun shall still grace our ride, giving all passersby a chance to bask in our grand tweediness!

Our last ride was a joyful time with games, contests, and of course the sharpest dressed company a cyclist could ask for.

The route has been settled! We will be enjoying a fine ride around the city following the Embarcadero towards the Marina, with a secret location halftime performance by the fabulous musical stylings of Corpus Callosum!

Once again we will have contests! Along with the two old favorites Most Dapper Chap and Most Snappy Lass we have two fresh new categories:

  • Most Dashing Neckwear — open to both men and women of course; not open to winners of either of the above contests
  • Most Stylish Pairing of Habiliment & Steed — to properly win this contest you and your two wheels must work together to create a more fashionable (or strange) whole.
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