Posted by: womenscyclingmagazine | April 25, 2009

Instant Finesse Clinics with Jacquie Phelan

Jacquie Phelan has long been one of my cycling idols, and for good reason as she has contributed so much to mountain biking. She has been inducted into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame as well as the United States Bicycling Hall of Fame. She founded Women’s Mountain Biking & Tea Society, aka WOMBATS.

Jacquie Phelan has a series of Instant Finesse clinics in Marin County. They are $110-$115 per person. The details: 

WHO: Legendary WOMBATS founder Jaccquie Phelan is a bicycle racer (road and dirt) whose 14 year offroad pro career featured no broken bones. NORBA Champion 83-85. Inducted into two “Hollow Fames”. Her window sill is festooned w/enough dusty trophies and awards to impress and baffle the modern Pro rider who’s never heard of her.

WHAT: Level 1: For honest-to-goddess beginners. One must know how to steer a bike, but that’s about it. Courage not required, just the bike, ma’am. Learn Phelan’s much-copied (if inadequately patented) “Inner Chicken Respect” techniques, as well as how to safely read trails without distraction, hop curbs without discouragement, and impress the wildlife with one’s physique. Also learn the critical rules by which we share the trails, how not to colonize the entire fire road on group rides, etc…Master the tricks & tropes en route to Level 2. 
Level 2: students have either proof of having taken Level 1 or can sail through this quick quiz: How long can you do a track stand? Curbs bother you? Been to a race or tour?

TIME & LOCATION: We meet at Sunshine Bicycle Center at 737 Center Blvd in Fairfax at 10am sharp for both Level 1 and Level 2.
Private sessions begin from closer to the trailhead, on days pre-arranged by the student(s). Call 415-459-7093. Out-of-town clinics are also listed.

PRICE: $110 for Level 1 and $115 for Level 2.

SIGN UP: Make checks payable to Jacquie Phelan, and send to:
WOMBATS – Instant Finesse
Box 757
Fairfax, CA 94978
The check must arrive Wednesday before the class to reserve a spot. Impulsive enthusiasts, plodding procrastinators and new-to-the site people can leave a message at 415-459-7093 to see about space and payment options.

You check out the upcoming dates of her clinics here and read Jacquie’s entertaining blog here.


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