Posted by: womenscyclingmagazine | April 9, 2009

“Pedal 20 Miles in Her Shoes” Fundraiser

From Kieth Ritter who rode in 20 miles in her shoes to raise funds for Shasta Women’s Refuge.

First, thank you for your support. Between Redding Velo, Shasta Wheelmen, and Redding East Rotary, your pledges totaled over $200 for the Shasta Women’s Refuge. Here are some photos of me at the start of the Redding Velo Saturday ride and at the walk. There were over 150 men who turned out to do the walk, included a few guys in full Star Wars storm trooper gear and (and black and white pumps – Darth Vader would be so proud of them!), but I was the only cyclist. Channel 7 had two of their news guys in it, so I’m sure it will be on tonight’s news.

Thanks to Keith Ritter for the photo.

Thanks to Keith Ritter for the photo.

For my shoe selection, it turns out that real heels in size 11W is pretty very hard to come by, so I took the best they had, a pink wedge. They do accent the new Redding Velo kit nicely, don’t they?  I ended up walking next to a guy from my spin class who knew I raced cyclo-cross. He mentioned that my shoes gave cyclo-“cross” racing new meaning! Can’t wait to jump the barriers in these things next winter!

And for the record, I pedaled a total of 30 miles in her shoes and walked one mile, so I more than met my commitment. It was fun. My only challenges – my toes froze in those open-toed shoes when I started my ride at 7:45 am and old-style toe-clips and open-toed shoes do not do favors to the tips of your toes when you stand on your bike. I’m sure SIDI will be releasing a new carbon-fiber-soled version addressing those issues soon.


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