Posted by: womenscyclingmagazine | April 7, 2009

Reaction to the Guardian’s “On your bike!”

While wandering the internet, I was excited to stumble across this article in the Guardian titled: “On your bike! Why we need more women on two wheels” but was kind of disappointed as the article didn’t fully develop the idea that we need more women on two wheels. I can’t help but feel that the title merited 2000+ words instead of the 500 odd words we were given. Granted, I imagine that the writer of the article was probably given a very tight limit and so couldn’t develop the idea of why we need more women on two wheels beyond the bicycle clothing and fashion meme. It seems as if women’s cycling, when covered by the mainstream media, is narrowly limited to the fashion and style of cycling. Fashion and style are legitimate topics to discuss but they certainly are not the only topics that pertain to women’s cycling.

What do you think?



  1. In all honesty I agree its always bitchin to see girls out there throwin down! However I don’t see specific reasons to give either gender specific reasons to get on a bike. They are fun healthy and fun that should be enough. The more the merrier. This season of mountain bike racing has been incredible as far as turnouts go, it seems as if every class has doubled in size. Hopefully the same will happen for cross. So to everyone, get on a bike!

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